ello darlings,I'm 20 and in way to many fandoms its not good on my health i also post a lot of 18+ stuff so watch out!

topography lesson // e.k.c (via hotaliens)

you are so careless of your own body,

as if mountains didn’t move to make the rough ridges of your hips and the smooth hills of your stomach. thunder and lightning struck gold on your thighs and created the road map of your growth and decay.

you burn down your house, let it flood, climb up the mountains and create landslides so large I can hear them when I press my ear to your heart. you’re terrified of storms, and hide yourself when dark clouds seem to gather behind your eyes.

but you are a world, one with beauty, geography, and secrets. do not be ashamed of your homeland, do not be harmed by the life which it so vibrantly bares. These own hands never reached to touch blessings, but the canyons stretching down your body crave the heavens, so stop thinking your body is a sin.

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